5 Must-Visit Bars in Madeira Beach for a Great Night Out

Madeira Beach is a lively barrier island community and home to some of the best beaches in Florida. The city is flanked by the Gulf on all sides, making it perfect for those who crave the sun, sand, and a laid-back seaside vibe. It’s a great escape for Spring Break revelers and families alike, and it’s […]

Beyond the Beach: Hidden Gems near Madeira Beach Access Points

If you’re looking for a way to break out of the winter blues, Florida is the perfect place to go. In 2023, Pinellas County attracted a record-breaking 6 million hotel room bookings, amounting to more than $98 million in hotel bed collections. Nestled within Pinellas County is Madeira Beach, FL. Madeira Beach is a scenic stretch of […]

Visit Madeira Beach This Summer: Why Rental Condos in Florida Offer the Ultimate Vacation Experience

Florida remains one of the most popular travel destinations in the USA, for both local and international travelers. It’s a fun-filled playground of amusement parks, sandy beaches, and fantastic things to do. Madeira Beach encompasses everything that the Sunshine State has to offer, including one of the nation’s most beloved beaches and fewer crowds than the major tourist […]

7 Family-Friendly Attractions Near Madeira Beach, Florida

Around 73% of Americans rate spending time with family as a priority going into 2024. The reality is that most of us find little opportunity to fit family time into our daily lives. In between technological interruptions, work commitments, and household chores, it seems there is little left to do at the end of the day other than collapse […]

Booking Madeira Beach Florida Rentals: When’s the Best Time to Visit?

Are you considering booking Madeira Beach Florida rentals but unsure about the best time to visit? This blog is here to give you the answer. Welcome to paradise! If you’re seeking a sun-soaked getaway with pristine beaches, charming coastal vibes, and a wealth of outdoor activities, Madeira Beach is the ultimate destination. Nestled on Florida’s […]

A Place by the Beach: Your Guide to Madeira Beach Condos

It’s unbelievable that over 137 million people visit Florida each year. While there are so many breathtaking destinations in the Sunshine State, everyone should visit Madeira Beach at least once. The shore is gorgeous, and you can enjoy tons of other wonderful things nearby. Booking a condo is a brilliant move, but you’ll have to sift through […]

Beach Towns in Florida That Won’t Break the Bank

Looking for a beach getaway that won’t break the bank? Well, look no further than the sunny shores of Florida. With its pristine sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waters, Florida is a paradise for budget-conscious travelers. In the content below, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the most affordable Florida beach towns that the Sunshine […]

When Is Spring Break 2024 in Florida? + The Best Places to Visit!

Since the Ancient Greek festival of Anthesteria, spring has been synonymous with rites of passage for young people. The tradition continues today with the celebration of Spring Break among college students. The modern version of Spring Break has more recent roots. It began with a visiting Colgate University swim team in the 1930s. These students soon […]

9 Benefits of Renting a Condo in Madeira Beach, FL

In recent years, people have been enjoying their time in Madeira Beach, FL more than ever before. In fact, the city manager, Robin Gomez, said that there was no slowdown in tourist activity last year even as the tourist season ended. People continued to stay and enjoy what Madeira Beach had to offer well past […]

The Best Restaurants in Madeira Beach

The past year has seen 137.6 million visitors coming to Florida, 5% more visitors than those in 2019. Florida is a vacationing hot spot as it offers so many attractions. One of the attractions that Florida has to offer is the best restaurants. The restaurants in Madeira Beach are especially desirable and offer varying cuisines. If you […]

How to Spend Your 2023 Summer Vacation in Madeira Beach FL

Do you dream of taking a well-earned break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life? In a land littered with white sandy beaches, clear waters, and bars with cocktails lining the sea? A spot where you’re almost guaranteed sunshine and pleasant temperatures? If so, you must be planning to spend your 2023 summer […]

Where to Spend Your 2023 Spring Break?

Are you in search of a perfect, sandy spot to spend your much-deserved spring break this year? Look no more – Johns Pass Condos in Madeira Beach is an ideal destination for you! Situated on the Gulf of Mexico in Pinellas County, Florida, it will provide all the necessary amenities and luxuries to make your […]

Why You Should Buy a Condo for Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio

You envision more revenue flowing into your bank account in 2023, and you’re leaning toward real estate investing to make it happen. Smart thinking. Rental rates are expected to keep growing in 2023, reaching historical highs during the first six months. This is expected to happen as property prices become more unaffordable. However, succeeding in real estate […]

8 Common Condo Renting Mistakes to Avoid at Madeira Beach

Did you know that Madeira Beach hosts the Seafood Festival at John’s Pass every October, attracting as many as 130,000 visitors? This celebration of music, food, and art isn’t the only reason to visit Madeira Beach. Visitors enjoy this city as a vacation spot at any time of the year! Condo rentals are the ideal way […]

Fun Events Coming Soon to John’s Pass

Picture this: miles and miles of Florida beaches on your right side, tons of fun events on your left side.  If you visit John’s Pass, there is always plenty to do—and that’s on top of having the beach at your fingertips. From sunsets to beautiful sunrises over the intercoastal and from delicious restaurants to splashing in […]

The Top 7 Best Places to Eat in Madeira Beach, Florida

Madeira Beach has picked up a reputation as one of the must-visit vacation destinations in Central Florida. The beaches, nature, and sporting all make it one of the prime locations in the state. Particularly for those looking for an alternative to the hustle and hassle of amusement parks and tourist traps. Instead, Madiera Beach has both the […]

Florida Nightlife: Best Hangouts in John’s Pass and Madeira Beach

Florida is one of the nation’s favorite party destinations, with a thriving $1.9 billion bar and nightclub scene growing even faster than the accommodation sector. If you live in St John’s Pass Village or planning a trip to this beautiful seaside destination soon, you’ll find dozens of ways to let your hair down when night falls.  Keep reading to […]

10 Tips for Finding the Best Madeira Beach Rentals

Are you one of 81 million Americans planning to go on vacation this year? Warmer climates are the target of most vacationers. Florida may be your first choice if you’re opting to stay in the country. A huge variety of Madeira beach rentals are already kicking up a storm. There’s beautiful weather, an incredible atmosphere, and amazing […]

Best Beachfront Condo Rentals in Madeira Beach Florida

After many grueling months of hard work, it’s time to take a vacation, but where should you go?  Madeira Beach offers a prestigious 2.5-mile coastline where you can spend your days lazing in the sun and enjoying the Gulf of Mexico’s warm water. It’s a stone’s throw away from John’s Pass Village, a boardwalk-style wharf with […]

What Are The Best Madeira Beach Fishing Charters?

Introduction When it comes to chalking out a perfect Florida vacay, you can’t really go wrong with the boisterous Madeira Beach. Why? Well, to begin with, the combination of the sandy shore and deep blue sea of the beach is definitely a spectacle to behold. Besides, if you want something more adrenaline-drenching, you can also […]

6 Restaurants and Activities To Try John’s Pass Village

Over the years Madeira Beach has erupted into a hot vacation destination. Astonishingly with a population of only 4,300, the area retains the small beach town ambiance with the infrastructure to support tourists.  If you are looking to make a trip over from the beach to John’s Pass Village keep reading to check out the best […]

How to Find and Rent Condos in Florida on the Beach

If you are planning your next tropical vacation in Florida, renting a condo on the beach is the best option! It allows you to have access to the sand all day long, provides a comfortable home base for your vacation crew, and can be budget-friendly as compared to high-end hotels. We are here to help […]

The Top Benefits of Owning a Second Home

Seven and a half million American households in 2018 owned second homes, which accounted for 5.5% of the total housing stock. That was according to estimates by the National Association of Home Builders in late 2020.  It was also telling that half of the country’s second homes were situated in nine states — among them Florida. In fact, Florida […]

How to Buy Vacation Rental Property

Are you interested in real estate investing? You don’t have to buy a duplex, a massive apartment complex, or even a second home and attempt to rent it year-round.  There’s a better, easier way to invest in real estate. By buying a vacation rental property you can invest in real estate and have a vacation […]

Is Madeira Beach Perfect for Your Next Vacation? What To Know

On the Gulf Of Mexico Coast nestled between Clearwater Beach and St Pete Beach in the Sunshine State is a picturesque coastal oasis called Madeira Beach. Most famous for John’s Pass, this area of Florida has a lot to offer for families and solo excursions. Are you planning your Florida vacation and considering renting a condo in […]

Top 5 Destinations for the Best Condos in Florida

While COVID-19 caused a drop in tourist numbers in 2020, Florida has quickly rebounded, welcoming tens of millions of visitors to the state each year. Whether you’re looking to relax on a beach, visit a theme park, or maybe enjoy a round of golf, you can’t go wrong with a Florida vacation. But where in Florida should […]

Why a Madeira Beach Vacation Condo is Better Than a Hotel

Did you know that Americans only average about ten paid vacation days per year? With so little time, it is important to plan the best vacation possible.  You will want something memorable, and something that you can connect to easily. One way to do this is to stay in a vacation condo rather than a hotel.  Why […]

Fun Florida Day Trips From Madeira Beach

Madeira Beach is a beautiful place to vacation. Not only is Maderia Beach home to fluffy white sands and clear blue water, but it’s also surrounded by many other wonderful nearby attractions. When you’re done relaxing at the beach and picking out your candies and ice cream from the Candy Kitchen, you’ll have plenty of […]

7 John’s Pass Restaurants You Have to Check Out

Madeira Beach, John’s Pass, and the entire Sun Coast of Florida are known for it’s white, sugar sand beaches, crystal clear Gulf waters, and delicious seafood.  If you’re looking for the best restaurants in John’s Pass, you’re in the right place. Read on for 7 John’s Pass restaurants that are not to be missed.  1. Mad […]

5 Fun Things to Do in Madeira Beach

Do you know where you’re taking your next beach break? For a relaxing vibe, clean, sandy beaches, beautiful turquoise water and activities for all the family, then look no further than Madeira Beach, Fl. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all fishing and cruises. Madeira Beach is full of fun things to do for all […]

Your Guide to Madeira Beach Resorts and Vacations

Did you know Madeira Beach only has a population of around 4,200? This makes it the perfect place to enjoy the Florida coast without being surrounded by crowds of tourists. However, you’ll need a little more information to get your trip started. After all, half the fun when visiting is getting to relax in one of the […]

Madeira Beach Resorts: Sandalwood Beach Resort in Johns Pass

Are you looking for a relaxing, tropical getaway? Madeira Beach, Florida might be the spot for you. If you’re looking for a condo rental, Sandalwood Beach Resort is one of the great Madeira Beach Hotels we offer here at John’s Pass. The many advantages of staying at Sandalwood Beach Resort will definitely convince you to […]

Things to Do Around Johns Pass Condos

There’s nothing like living at the beach and enjoying the sun on your skin and sand in your toes. Johns Pass is a great little spot to get your adventure on. Local lore has it that this village was created by a hurricane in 1848 and is bustling with fishermen, beachgoers, and boats. Whether you’re thinking about […]

Questions to Ask Before Renting Johns Pass Condos

Figuring out all the logistics when booking a vacation can really be a stressful situation. However, a vacation should be the most stress-free thing you can do. One of the biggest tasks when planning a vacay is getting your accommodations in order. If you plan on going with a condo instead of a loud and […]

What Do Property Management Services Include?

It’s no secret that owning real estate is one of the most efficient ways to increase your net worth. However, not everybody has the time or knowledge to properly rent out their property to tenants. Fortunately, working with property management services is one of the most efficient ways to do so. Not quite sure what […]

How to Start a Madeira Beach Condo Rental – Property Management

This year, Florida featured prominently in the prestigious Travellers’ Choice Awards for the best US beaches. St. Pete’s Beach topped the list and Madeira Beach debuted in the ninth spot.  Wonderful beaches are a major drawcard for tourists. So, if you own a condo in Madeira Beach or you’re thinking of buying an investment property in John’s Pass, you’re onto […]

Your Guide to Renting Out Your Condo

Are you looking to rent out that beach condo to make a little side money? Do you want to help pay for the condo itself by renting it out? If so, then you need to learn the preemptive steps to take when renting out your condo to guests. Doing so can help set you up […]

Top 5 Things to Do in John’s Pass

Tourism is one of the biggest employers in Florida. Statistics show that visitors to the state spent nearly $90 billion in 2017. If you’re going to go to Florida, St. John’s Pass is one of the best spots to pick, especially if you like the beach. The sandy shores and exceptional weather make it one of the […]