The Seafood Experience of a Lifetime: The 2021 John’s Pass Seafood Festival

2021 Johns Pass Seafood Festival

Incredible weather, beaches straight out of a postcard, and the best seafood in the world combine to make the Johns Pass Seafood Festival an absolute must attend for the 2021 season. Anyone who’s a lover of seafood, weather or just great events would be hard-pressed to find a better place to be on an incredible afternoon than perusing one of the great times life has to offer. Your vacation pictures will be the most adored and envy-creating images on your friends and loved ones’ social media feeds when you show off what an incredible decision you made by attending the absolute best event ever.

What’s the Event All About?

The Johns Pass Seafood festival has been a staple of its community for almost forty years and has been more and more beloved by the community with every passing year. It is currently the second largest seafood festival on the East Coast, but could soon become the largest the coast has to offer, as each year more and more lovers of fine seafood and great times find themselves flocking to taste both the cuisine as well as the feeling of being a part of such a special occasion and moment in time. The event is more than just seafood though as through it, so many great things are able to be accomplished to benefit the community around it. As a non-profit organization, they dedicate their resources and energy to giving back to the community that has allowed them to call it a home. Proceeds are donated to the school district (Pinellas County), as well as to the incredible city of Madeira Beach. The event also supports other non-profit organizations, creating events centered around generating substantial donations to wonderful causes. The festival will be held between Friday, January 22nd of 2021 and Sunday, January 24th of 2021. However, the good times aren’t only to be held that weekend as the community has great events leading up to the event and in the days following. The event will be held Johns Pass Village in Madeira Beach, Florida.

Plan Ahead

Make sure to bring sunblock as even though it’s January, it’s still Florida and the sun is ever present. There’s a reason that it’s called the Sunshine State, as that nickname should not be taken lightly. Water is always a good thing to bring as well, especially if you are intending to participate in any of the lush beverages available at the festival. The best way to experience a festival like this is by positioning yourself to be as stress-free as possible. This means not booking a hotel that’s so far away you’ll have to drive and limit yourself in your ability to partake in the event. Instead, look into one of the many Johns Pass Condos rentals available in the area. They’re incredible, as well as in the ideal location for a would-be festival goer. The last thing in the world that you want while on vacation is to have to be planning your routes, determining when to leave for the event, finding parking and finding yourself having to watch how much you can drink and play the game of counting hours since your last to determine when you can safely return to your hotel thirty minutes away. That really is the fastest way to ruin the experience.

What Are You Waiting For?

The Johns Pass Seafood Festival is an absolute must-attend event and will be one of the best festivals of all of 2021. Why would you ever want to miss out on walking along the beach, eating the best seafood in the world and taking in weather that the rest of the country would be killing for in January?
Plan ahead, get yourself a nearby place to stay at one of Johns Pass Condos many beautiful properties and prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience. The reality is, we’ve missed out on a lot in 2020, but 2021 is going to be a big year for the world’s return to normalcy and there’s not better way one could possibly bring in the good vibes, golden sun, and celebrate life once more than by attending the festival of festivals.

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