The Best Restaurants in Madeira Beach

The past year has seen 137.6 million visitors coming to Florida, 5% more visitors than those in 2019. Florida is a vacationing hot spot as it offers so many attractions.

One of the attractions that Florida has to offer is the best restaurants. The restaurants in Madeira Beach are especially desirable and offer varying cuisines.

If you are planning a trip to Madeira Beach, this is something you need to research. This guide will tell you all about the best restaurant options you have to try.

Keep reading to find out what vacation restaurants to try when visiting Madeira Beach. 

Gulf Bistro

If you are looking for restaurants in Florida, there is one option to try. A Madeira Beach restaurant option is Gulf Bistro, a restaurant that provides French cuisine.

Unlike many French restaurants, this restaurant provides authentic French flavors. It showcases the flavors of this European country, introducing you to new dishes.

This restaurant was started up in 2001, and the owner used to be the personal chef of an African president. If you are looking for something unique, this is one of the best places to go to.

It is a great way to mix up the traditional seafood you will be eating for most of your trip.

The Boardwalk Grill

The nightlife in Madeira Beach is part of why it is such a tourist attraction. Part of that nightlife includes the boardwalks and a variety of restaurant options.

One of these restaurant options includes The Boardwalk Grill. This eatery offers patio seating and is one of the highest-rated restaurants.

You are exposed to a variety of fresh seafood dishes in a relaxed setting. The majority of the ingredients are locally sourced and full of fresh seafood flavor.

You also get to enjoy a breathtaking view as you are dining. Unlike other seafood restaurants, this restaurant also provides breakfast and brunch options.

One of its most popular breakfast and brunch dishes is its New England lobster roll.

Sweet Sage Cafe

Looking for the best restaurants in Madeira Beach? You have different cuisines to choose from. The Sweet Sage Cafe is one of those options, known for its classic options.

This restaurant provides morning and evening dishes for all kinds of diners. Many of the dishes available are classics but have been given a special twist.

For instance, you can order a traditional Benedict made with potato skins. Or you can order a turkey breast sandwich with tortilla chips.

This café is also known for its delicious smoothies that can be added to any meal.

Frog Pond

If you are looking for an older restaurant, Frog Pond was opened in 1982. It’s known for its morning and lunch dishes and only uses the finest ingredients.

You will find a variety of classic and unique dishes depending on what you are craving. There is a meat lovers omelette and a variety of other classic egg dishes.

It is the perfect place to start your day or enjoy an afternoon lunch or brunch.

Dockside Dave’s

Those who are visiting Madeira Beach, maybe looking for the best seafood options. One great place to visit is Dockside Dave’s for the freshest seafood flavors.

All the food is prepared that same day, guaranteeing freshness and flavor. You will also be able to enjoy a luxurious dining experience with an amazing view.

It specifically serves a variety of classic seafood dishes and other comfort foods. You can enjoy all of this with a glass of beer or wine.

Seabreeze Island Grill

Another tasty seafood option provides the classic flavors of Madeira Beach. This restaurant is the Seabreeze Island Grill, serving up those traditional seafood dishes you expect.

It sports options like castaway coconut shrimp and a variety of alcoholic beverages. The restaurant is very casual, allowing you to sit back and relax or socialize.

This restaurant is also known for its extra-large portions, perfect for hungry tourists. You can also expect the freshest seafood ingredients that are often sourced locally.

Angry Pepper

Do you want to grab a bite to eat and walk along the beach? The Angry Pepper is the perfect place to do this as it is within walking distance of the beaches.

It provides comfort food and alcoholic beverages for a well-rounded meal. Everything is made with the finest ingredients and a variety of flavorful sauces.

You can find comforting dishes like fish tacos and other classic seafood plates.

Why Travel to Madeira Beach?

If you are planning a vacation, you may be wondering if you should go to Madeira Beach. This is a great option if you want to visit the warm and tropical climate of Florida.

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These condos are right in the thick of things, allowing you access to local entertainment and the beaches. This includes a variety of restaurant options to give you variety.

Madeira Beach is home to many forms of entertainment during the day and at night. This guarantees that you will not run out of things to do for the duration of your stay.

Best Restaurants: Madeira Beach Options

If you are going to Madeira Beach, you need to find the best restaurants. This list gives you options from classic seafood restaurants to French cuisines.

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