Questions to Ask Before Renting Johns Pass Condos

Figuring out all the logistics when booking a vacation can really be a stressful situation. However, a vacation should be the most stress-free thing you can do.

One of the biggest tasks when planning a vacay is getting your accommodations in order. If you plan on going with a condo instead of a loud and questionable hotel, there may be some questions you want to be sure to cover. Read on to find out what you should ask when finding Johns Pass condos.

What Is the Cancellation Policy?

One of the first questions to concern yourself with should be the cancellation policy. A cancellation policy is important to both you and the condo owner. This sets the standard on what is an acceptable excuse and time frame to change your agreement.

If something were to come up, you’d feel better knowing exactly what is expected out of you and the process ahead.

What Type of Guests Are Allowed?

Sometimes we want to bring our furry friends along with us to enjoy the sand and sun. For some rental condos, this is an acceptable guest. In addition, you’ll want to know how many guests you can bring.

How to Pick Up/Drop Off Keys?

To avoid the stress of figuring everything out once you arrive, plan. Be sure to know where you will be picking up and dropping off the keys. There may be set pick-up/drop-off hours that you don’t want to miss. Otherwise, you might find yourself locked out on your first day or getting a late charge for missing drop-off.

What Supplies Are Included?

Find out what supplies are included in your stay. Important items might include bed linens, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, and so on. It’s best to be prepared and avoid any surprises. Enjoying your time in Johns Pass, Florida might also mean you need some beach equipment. Some condos may include this!

What Are the Fees?

Obviously, you know you’ll be paying a rate for each night you plan to stay at the condo rental. In addition to those charges, you might be expected to pay for WiFi, cleaning, deposits, and even maintenance. Make a point to see this information in writing.

Who Is the Main Contact?

If something happens during your stay, you’ll need to keep the property management informed. This includes any needed repairs, breaks, or emergencies. Be sure to find out how you can get ahold of someone after business hours.

Is Cleanup Expected?

Different condos for rent will call for a variety of rules to be followed regarding cleanup. Your condo rental in Maderia Beach might ask that you pick up your trash, strip the beds, and/or load the dishwasher. This should be spelled out for you in your rental agreement.

Remember that if you fail to follow the set forth standards, you may face additional charges.

Questions When Renting Johns Pass Condos

All of these questions are great to know when renting John Pass condos. You’ll be even better prepared to enjoy your time making your vacation smooth sailing.

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