What to bring to your Madeira Beach Vacation Rental?

Renting a Vacation Condo on Madeira Beach? What to Bring With You

Are Madeira Beach vacation rentals on your horizon? Maybe you are looking at staying nearby in the Johns Pass condos? Either way, a beach vacation is your goal. If you have never stayed in one of the Madeira Beach vacation rentals, you might be wondering what to bring with you. These rentals do offer a lot of amenities for your comfort, but you might still want to bring a few things with you. The following list will help you pack for your Madeira Beach or Johns Pass condos stay.

Sun and Fun Essentials

If you plan to soak up some sun on the beach and play in the surf, you are going to need at least one swimsuit or swim trunks. Some guys wear board shorts. Whatever you feel most comfortable wearing on the beach that covers your body (no nude sunbathing allowed!).

Another item you will need is a beach blanket or towels you don’t mind getting sandy. While your condo rental will probably have some towels, the property owners don’t typically like their towels being messed by sand, surf, etc.. If there is an exception, your property lister will let you know.

Sunscreen is definitely an essential. It doesn’t matter if you visit Madeira Beach or John’s Pass in July or in January. The sun is very bright, and the reflections of the sun’s harmful rays off the water here will burn you in a hurry if you don’t protect yourself. Bring a sunscreen with proper SPF level and apply liberally every couple of hours you are outside.

If you have one, bring a beach umbrella. They are helpful for blocking the sun and keeping accidental bits of sand from hitting your face when there’s a wind. Beach chairs with attached shade umbrellas work too, but you have to bring the kind that fold up.

Beach and water toys may be necessary if you have kids, or if you just plan on floating along the shore or playing a little beach volleyball. For easier packing, bring these things deflated and inflate them once you find and claim your spot on the beach. If you are just coming to lay in the warm sand, then you don’t need these fun items.

Special Activity Items

You can surf, scuba, or snorkel here. but you should bring your own equipment with you. Some items can be rented or purchased, but may be limited due to the pandemic or limited because they are all rented out to other visitors. If you plan to scuba dive without a guide, make sure you bring your scuba license with you so that you are ready to make dives without getting into trouble.

Paddle boards and paddles may also be available for rent, but you should call ahead to make sure. Boat tours are available too. Bringing your own special activity equipment ensures that you will be able to do these things when you want to do them.

Off-Beach Items

If you are going to be visiting the Boardwalk, the museums and galleries, or just taking a scenic stroll, bring a really good pair of walking shoes with you. Most of Madeira Beach is a long stretch of walkway and singular streets with shops and such along the way. A backpack or large bag for carrying a bottle of water to stay hydrated and stash small souvenirs in is recommended. You can either carry your wallet in this larger bag, or in your pocket if your clothes have pockets.

Wear cool, loose comfortable clothing for strolling and shopping. Even in winter the temperatures in Madeira Beach can reach into the eighties. You want to maintain a good amount of breathing room in your clothes. If you have clothes with moisture-wicking fabrics, that’s even better because the humidity is a constant in Florida.

The many restaurants and bistros here ask that you make reservations. If you do make reservations for your meals, wear something slightly dressy but still casual. A few upper level restaurants may require a tie or suit jacket for evening reservations, so bring these items just in case.

Personal Care Items

Staying in resorts means that most personal care items like shampoo and body gel or soap are included with your room. However, staying in a condo or other vacation rental here is a little different. There may be personal care items available, or there may not. You can ask the property manager in advance to booking your stay. You can also plan ahead and bring the standard travel sizes of personal care products with you in your suitcase. Just make sure they pass airlines restrictions.

Vacation Essentials Regardless of Where You Go

Money, cash on hand, and credit cards are essential to any trip. If you don’t like carrying cash around with you, have traveler’s checks or a couple of credit cards with zero balance when you arrive at your Madeira Beach or John’s Pass rental. You will need a credit or debit card to reserve your rental property, pay the balance for the days you stay, make lunch and/or dinner reservations, and even pay for special activity fees.

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