Things to do in John’s Pass Village

Things to do in John’s Pass Village

John’s Pass Village is located in Florida’s Gulf Coast region near some of the most exciting and pristine vacation destinations in the country. With so many things to do in John’s Pass Village you’ll need to book an extended trip with John’s Pass Condos to be able to enjoy all this area has to offer.

John’s Pass Village Restaurants
Dining in John’s Pass Village is one of the highlights of the area, with some of the most talented chefs and restaurateurs in the country setting up establishments in the area. Because of the location there is access to fresh seafood daily, and many local establishments pride themselves on their ability to dress up the catch of the day for diners. These are some of the most popular places to eat in Johns Pass Village restaurants:

The Boardwalk Grill
Famous for its laid back vibe, the Gulf Coast view, and delicious lobster rolls, The Boardwalk Grill is a favorite among locals and tourists.
Slow Roasted
Fresh fish tacos and gumbo put Slow Roasted on the map as soon as it opened. This is a great lunch spot when you just want good food fast at one of Johns Pass Village restaurants.
Bamboo Beach Bar
Bamboo Beach Bar is the spot for late night dining complete with beer gardens and a stage for live entertainment. The fare include fried fish and some of the best burgers in the area, but it’s really the vibe that brings people back to this spot.
Walt’z Fish Shak
This is one of those hometown spots that people travel to experience. Fresh caught Florida gulf coast fish is what you’ll find on the menu, catch it and they’ll grill it up for you too.
Friendly Fisherman Restaurant
Another establishment that will cook your catch, the Friendly Fisherman Restaurant will even take you out on their chartered boat to catch the fish they will cook up for you.

John’s Pass Village Fun Activities
John’s Pass Village has a ton of outdoor recreation options and just as many indoor family entertainment type centers to keep you busy no matter the length of your stay. In most cases you can jump right in to a fun afternoon or evening with little know how and the ability to rent any equipment needed. These are some of the most popular options for fun activities to do in Johns Pass Village:

John’s Pass Pirates Cruise
Climb onboard a themed 56 foot pirate ship for a seriously good time out on the water. This trip is more than just time out on the water sailing, it’s an entire adventure for the afternoon.
Tiki Hut Tour
Ditch all the boats and instead head out for a tour on a floating Tiki Hut. Get a unique view of the coastline with your own bar in tow, this is truly a different way to do things in Johns Pass Village.
The Boardwalk Beach Fun and Games
John’s Pass Boardwalk Beach Fun and Games gives you the chance to have fun and let loose as you enjoy classic arcade style games.
Locked Up Escape Rooms
Escape rooms are the new way to spend an evening with friends, interacting and working together to solve clues that will get you out of the room. Each escape room is themed, and you will have to work your way through a scavenger hunt series of clues in order to solve the mystery and break out. Be ready for tons of fun and entertainment at Locked Up.
Alligator Attraction and Wildlife Learning Center
Learn all about wildlife native to Florida and rescued animals that have been brought to the center through interactive time. View the animals that are here in their daily activities, get the chance to hear about the care and rehabilitation they receive, and you might even get the chance to touch or hold a few of the animals. Everything from alligators to sloths call this center home.

Shopping In John’s Pass Village
The shopping options in John’s Pass Village are sure to please every type of shopper. From luxury goods to themed shops, there is something here for everyone. Some of the favorites here include:

– The Spice and Tea Exchange
– Windworks
– Beef Jerky Outlets
– The Florida Winery

John’s Pass Condos
Johns Pass Condos are one of the best travel accommodations in the area, offering short and long term vacation rentals for tourists. With a place near the beach you can fill your days with beach time, soaking up the sun and playing in the surf. While you have the privacy and comfort of a condo at the end of each day, the amenities are endless and leave you feeling like you’ve landed at a full service resort. Johns Pass Condos are one of the top choices in the region for a reason.

The location of John’s Pass Condos makes it possible to vacation here in temperate weather all year round, without ever having to worry about anything shutting down for the season.

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